About me.

"what the fuck is a testimonial i once fell out of a 50ft oak and almost got impaled by a lawn decoration i was like 7" -Zante

I’m a lamp and you can call me Lamp. Alternatively you can call me Ceilidh, which is my not-so-secret actual name, or Caley, which is how you pronounce my not-so-secret actual name. Those can be shortened, too, to Ceil and Cale, respectively. I also have a list of nicknames too long to count, the most common of which are Lamp (of course), CeCe (a special brand of nicknames known as Sassies), Marin (my middle name), Jellyfish (long story), and August (longer story), plus the names of any characters I’ve ever cosplayed. Honestly, I’ll respond to nearly anything you want me to, so have at it; pick a name or two and roll with it.

I’m a multi-fandom dork and I express myself most notably through music and writing. My biggest fandoms are Harry Potter (Ravenclaw alumnus), Supernatural, Shingeki no Kyojin, and Welcome to Night Vale, and I dabble in basically everything else, especially Star Trek and Marvel. If you need any of those or anything else tagged, let me know, but check my ‘Tags and Blacklist’ page first to make sure it isn’t already there. If I forget, jab me with a chopstick or something.

I’m really big on labels, which isn’t to say I’m going to slap them onto you if you don’t like ‘em (if you want help figuring out words that work for you though, I’m here), but I spent a looong time figuring out my identity, and I’m proud of the words that I use for it: sensual asexual polygreyromantic (historically mostly androromantic) agender dyadic transsexual. My mum doesn’t understand all that and much to everyone’s amusement ever, to my family I’m “fancy gay.” MY PRONOUNS ARE VERY IMPORTANT TO ME: I use ‘xe/xem/xyr.’ That might be new to you, and if you’d like some time to get used to it before using it regularly, that’s fine. In the meantime, I’m also comfortable with ‘it/it/its,’ but if you feel weird about that (as many do), ‘he/him/his’ is acceptable, but not preferable. I also have an obsessive thing for the number three and multiples of it, my favourite punctuation is the semicolon, and I am fully convinced that I am an unnurtured child prodigy past xyr peak. I really like martial arts and I have a black belt in taekwondo and a white belt in judo.

I like Japanese honourifics and character tropes and I use them a lot. I match the trope of kuudere really well because I am bad at displaying my care for stuff and I tend to come off as an insensitive asshole. Oops. Myers-Briggs Type INTP. Enneagram 5w4. EQ 7. AQ 38. I have ADHD and major/recurrent depression and I tag my vent posts as ‘warning high voltage’, which you can blacklist if you want, but everything is usually under readmores anyway. Please don’t reblog my vent posts. If you do I’ll just politely ask you to take them down, but if you don’t do that I will be sad.

I am really bad at making friends because I kind of let social cues and implications slip past me because I’m somewhere on the autism spectrum. It doesn’t take much on anyone else’s part though, as long as you’re willing to be blunt about things. If you want to be my friend you kinda just have to shoot me a message that says ‘you should be my friend,’ and I’ll reply saying ‘sure bro,’ and then we’ll be friends that’s pretty much how it works. If you want my Skype or whatever just ask, yo. I’m a little more reserved about giving out my cell phone number and Facebook, but like, I’m iamthelamp most places, so if you want you can look and see if I exist in the place you wanna talk to me.